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AIAP 2019

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications

全文截稿: 2019-03-30

开会时间: 2019-05-25

会议难度: 中低

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Vancouver, Canada



Topics of Interest
AI Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence tools & Applications
Automatic Control
Natural Language Processing
CAD Design & Testing
Computer Vision and Speech Understanding
Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools
Fuzzy Logic
Heuristic and AI Planning Strategies and Tools
Computational Theories of Learning
Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Information Retrieval
Intelligent System Architectures
Knowledge Representation
Software & Hardware Architectures
Knowledge-based Systems
Multimedia & Cognitive Informatics
Neural Networks
Parallel Processing
Pattern Recognition
Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence
Programming Languages
Reasoning and Evolution
Recent Trends and Developments
Semantic Web Techniques and Technologies
Soft computing theory and applications
Web Intelligence Applications & Search



AIChain 2019

IEEE Workshop on Advances in Artificial Intelligence for Blockchain

全文截稿: 2019-04-14

开会时间: 2019-07-14

会议难度: 中低

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Atlanta, USA



This workshop will showcase late-breaking developments in applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in blockchain systems and smart contract based decentralized applications.

Since blockchains and smart contracts are immutable, trust and transparency are preserved. However, many decentralized applications require intelligence beyond the execution of initially conceptualized logical constructs, which is a nascent area of research. Examples include “break glass” scenarios involving access to a patient’s medical record, coordination of internet of things devices that must share data when an initially unforeseen circumstance requires an emergency response or the verification of information provided by an oracle during the execution of a smart contract. Allowing capabilities for future requirements in smart contracts that may include new regulatory and policy requirements without having to re-deploy a given smart contract, or detecting issues that can lead to security vulnerabilities before deploying a smart contract on a blockchain are other focus areas of this workshop.

Therefore, this workshop promotes a broadened scope of augmenting smart contracts and blockchain based systems with advances in AI. Constructing smart contracts that function as autonomous agents, provide feedback, and re-plan execution making allowances for circumstances encountered during execution are new areas of research that we expect to highlight at this workshop. Another important goal of this workshop is to provide cross-fertilization between different fields that are either already using or plan to use AI in blockchain and smart contracts.



AutoML 2019

International Workshop on Automation in Machine Learning

全文截稿: 2019-05-05

开会时间: 2019-08-05

会议难度: 中低

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Anchorage, Alaska, USA



Topics include (but are not limited to):  
Automation and optimization  
Hyperparameter autotuning of machine learning algorithms  
Internet of things (IoT) and automation  
Automation bias  
Automation misuse  
Automated methods:  
in machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics, and deep learning  
in knowledge discovery in databases  
in autonomous vehicles  
in machine learning pipelines and process flows of production systems  
in big data applications  
for monitoring and updating models  
to detect fake news  
for streaming data  
for interpretable machine learning  
for large-scale modeling  
for data preparation and feature engineering  
for variable selection and model selection  



International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

全文截稿: 2019-06-10

开会时间: 2019-11-28

会议难度: 中低

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Shanghai, China



Artificial Intelligence (Data Science, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computation, Multi-Agent Systems, …) for Human Interaction or Entertainment;
Artificial Intelligence (Data Science, Machine Learning, ….) in Games, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality;
Intelligent Human-computer Interaction (including interaction Interfaces and sensors).
Other Intelligent Interaction or Entertainment Applications: smart cities, media and social media, decision-support systems, visual analytics, engineering, science, production (e.g., Industry 4.0) and marketing.


BDCC 2019

EAI International Conference on Big Data Innovation for Sustainable Cognitive Computing

全文截稿: 2019-06-30

开会时间: 2019-12-12

会议难度: 中低

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Coimbatore, India



Data Science for Cognitive Analysis
Real-Time Ubiquitous Data Science
Platform for Privacy Preserving Data Science
Internet-Based Cognitive Platform
Social Data Relationship Ranking on the Internet
Data Applications of Cognitive Communication
Statistics, data filtering to decide what data to keep and informative aspects
Machine Learning and Big Data
Big Algorithms and Software Development
Smart Grid Cyber Security Data Analysis
Smart City Initiative and Big Applications
Natural Language Generation
Sustainable Computer and Communication Model
Knowledge Engineering, Representation and Extraction
Decision Making under Uncertainty
Cloud Big Computing Services
Scalable Data Management Systems
Future Advancements


ISICS 2020

International Symposium on Intelligent Computing Systems

全文截稿: 2019-09-09

开会时间: 2020-03-18

会议难度: 中低

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Sharjah, UAE



The topics covered during ISICS symposium include, but are not limited to:

Neural Networks  
Bayesian Learning
Classification and Clustering
Kernel Machines
Feedforward Models
Natural Language and Speech Processing
Feature Extraction and Dimension Reduction
Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Image Processing        
Computer Vision
Signal Processing
Recurrent Networks and Dynamical Systems
Hybrid Learning Systems
Self-Organizing Maps
Statistical and Mathematical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
Optimization Methods in Learning
Data Mining
Fuzzy Systems
Evolutionary Computation



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