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GraMSec 2019

International Workshop on Graphical Models for Security

全文截稿: 2019-04-05

开会时间: 2019-06-24

会议难度: 中低

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Hoboken, NJ, USA



The use of graphical security models to represent and analyse the security of systems has gained an increasing research attention over the last two decades. Formal methods and computer security researchers, as well as security professionals from the industry and government, have proposed various graphical security models, metrics, and measurements. Graphical models are used to capture different security facets and address a range of challenges including security assessment, automated defence, secure services composition, security policy validation, and verification. For example, attack graphs, attack trees, attack–defence trees, and attack countermeasure trees represent possible ways of attacking and defending a system while misuse cases and mal-activity diagrams capture threats and abusive behaviour of users.




SDIM 2019

IEEE International Workshop on Secure Digital Identity Management

全文截稿: 2019-04-15

开会时间: 2019-07-15

会议难度: 中

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



Secure digital identity management, required by cloud services, federated services, or newest distributed and decentralized technologies such as blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, is receiving increasing attention from both service providers’ and end users’ perspectives, in terms of protection of enterprise assets and customers’ privacy in the cloud, respectively. This workshop solicits contributions describing state-of-the-art methodology and technology innovations in the field of secure identity management, encourages experience sharing (both positive and negative ones), and also welcomes work-in-progress ideas towards future concepts.




Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation On Computer and Telecommunication Systems

全文截稿: 2019-05-03

开会时间: 2019-10-22

会议难度: 中

CCF分类: C类

会议地点: Rennes, France



Broad topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
– Advanced machine learning techniques.
– Computer architectures, multi-core processors, and memory systems
– Computer networks, protocols, and algorithms
– Databases and big data systems and technologies
– Distributed and cloud computing
– Data and control plane separation
– Distributed ledger and other blockchain-based system design
– Distributed, cloud, and fog computing
– Energy efficient computer systems
– Internet of Things
– Multi-access edge computing
– Multimedia systems
– Network softwarization and virtualization
– Operating systems and virtualization
– Security in computer and communication systems
– Storage and file systems
– Web systems, enterprise applications and web services
– Wireless, mobile, ad-hoc, and sensor networks



MIME 2019

Special Session on Medical Image Mining and Health (MIME) at CBMI

全文截稿: 2019-05-04

开会时间: 2019-09-04

会议难度: 低

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Dublin, Ireland


Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
Multimedia data mining in medicine or health
Medical image and video analysis/indexing
Causal research and complications investigations by image and video analysis
Image and video retrieval for medicine
Case retrieval in medicine by multimedia data
Multimedia analytics for medicine or health
Surgical quality assessment by multimedia data analysis and mining
Health sensor data analysis and mining
Patient monitoring through sensors
Multimodal interaction in the health domain
Speech and audio analysis and retrieval for health applications
Facial analysis and gesture recognition of patients
Fusion of multimedia information for health and care-giving applications
Semantic web approaches for multimedia health applications
Visual analytics for human machine interaction in the health domain




International Workshop on Future Perspective of Decentralized Applications

全文截稿: 2019-05-10

开会时间: 2019-08-26

会议难度: 中

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Gottingen, Germany




Decentralized democracy
Smart voting
Blockchain for common goods
Decentralized governance
Smart home
Decentralized IoT management
Supply chain management
Blockchain in social networking
Decentralized privacy
Identities management
Token economy
Blockchain analysis and monitoring tool



SmartIoT 2019

IEEE International Conference on Smart Internet of Things

全文截稿: 2019-05-10

开会时间: 2019-08-09

会议难度: 中低

CCF分类: 无

会议地点: Tianjin, China



2019 IEEE International Conference on Smart Internet of Things (IEEE SmartIoT 2019) will be held on 9th-11th, August 2019 at Tianjin, China. The primary goal of IEEE SmartIoT 2019 is to exchange, share and discuss the latest research, theories and applications for Smart Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Prospective authors are invited to submit original research papers, which propose new methodologies, propose new research directions and discuss approaches or schemes for current existing issues. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

* Track 1. IoT Sensing, monitoring, networking and routing

* Track 2. Big data analysis and Cloud computing

* Track 3. Edge computing/Fog computing

* Track 4. Smart cities, intelligent transportation and internet of vehicles

* Track 5. Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Evolutionary Computing

* Track 6. Social networks, multimedia and mobile computing

* Track 7. Blockchain and Emerging research or Technologies

* Track 8. Industrial 4.0 and Industrial IoT

* Track 9. Control and decision making for smart IoT or CPS

* Track 10. Security and privacy for smart IoT or CPS



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